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Case Study – How I Found A London Dentist To Pull A Tooth For Me

I was having some issues with my teeth and I didn’t have a regular dentist that I went to. I didn’t like going to the dentist and avoided them at all costs. However, this left me with a cavity and it was really bothering me. I knew I was going to have to have it pulled and I needed to find a London dentist that would take cash for pulling it.

I went online and searched for dentists in London. I found several of them and started calling around to see what it would be to pull the tooth for me. I got varying prices and some dentists that said they wouldn’t take cash. Before making an appointment with any of them I wanted to see if my friends could recommend anything. I remembered one of my friends telling me they had to have a tooth pulled under the same circumstances so I sent them a text to ask them which dentist they went to. They immediately responded to let me know which one it was. They said they were the cheapest and were able to take cash and even get you on the same day.

After I got done texting my friend, I called that dentist. I asked how soon I could get in and they told me they could get me on the same day if I wanted. I chose to do that because this tooth was really causing me issues.

I went to the office and it wasn’t busy at all. I was immediately put into a room and the dentist was able to pull my tooth right then and there without having to wait. I am happy I found a dentist that could get me in so quickly.